On-going Research Projects

Name Title of Research 
En. Abdul Rahim Mohd. Zin  
Organized Self-Help Housing for Hard-Core Poor in Rural Area Malaysia  
Mr. Tsao Khee Ern  
Conflict Management Skills and Project Management
Mr. Wong Yee Chong Thermal Insulating Components for Buildings
Ms. Beh Jing HanFire Resistant Board for Green Wall
Mr. Yeow Kah Niam  
Mechanical Properties, Thermal Conductivity and Fire Resistance of Recycled Car Waste Tires Rubber Reinforced with Steel Wires in Concrete Blocks  
Dr. Lim Poh Im  
Sustainability Framework for Urban High-Rise Affordable Housing
Inclusive Architecture and Urbanism  
Mr. Tan Kok Hong  
Urban Swift let Farming : Toward A Sustainable and Cost Effective Urban Farming in West Malaysia    
En. Abdul Muluk Manan    
Architectural Design Elements of Malay Traditional Houses and Thermal Comfort in Tropical Climate    
Ms. Rahmawaty  
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Lightweight Bamboo Concrete by Incorporating Polypropylene Fiber  
Dr. Ananthan a/l ValithermSustainable Construction Management
Mr. Ooi Kean ThongProject Performance of Construction Site in Malaysian Construction Industry