1st Asian Architecture Students Colloquium (AASC)

A virtual intellectual sharing and networking platform for architecture students across Asia. 

Malaysian level Organizer for : 2020 Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) International Bamboo Design and Construction Competition

COSA members involved in organizing the national level 2020 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ASEAN Nations Design and Construction Competition held from 19th December 2020. The competition was an initiative of The South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Nan Sha Bird Park. The participating teams were required to design a Bird Watching Pavilion at Nan Sha Bird Park Guangzhou, China. The winning designs will be constructed at the Nan Sha Bird Park, and they will become the largest physical architecture models to be erected at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater Bay Area. The competition aimed to provide opportunities to experience real construction and enhance academic exchanges among schools of architecture, design and engineering amongst universities from southern China and ASEAN regions. The national level competition was also held in Thailand and Indonesia.

COSA (UTAR) with the support of Architects Association of Malaysia (PAM) and The Malaysian Bamboo Society (MASA) jointly hosted the event.

UTAR COSA Members:

1. Event Convener En. Abd Muluk Bin Abd Manan

2. Secretariate Ms. Rahmawati

3. Treasurer Ts. Tan Kok Hong

National level Juries:

1. Mr. Sheng YuHong (Chairman of Yangcheng Design Alliance)

2. Ar Adrianta Aziz (PAM Education Committee Chairman)

3. Ass. Prof. Zhong GuanQiu (Ass. Prof at South China University of Technology)

4. Ir Major (Ret) Ahmad Mazlan (Malaysian Bamboo Society)

5. Dr Lim Poh Im (Centre Of Sustainable Architecture, UTAR)

6. LAr Beh Jing Han (Landscape Architect Lecturer at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman)

Participating Universities from Malaysia:

1. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

2. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)


4. Taylor’s University

5. Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

6. Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)

7. International Islamic University of Malaysia

8. Universiti Teknologi MARA Puncak Alam (UiTM SA)

9. Universiti Teknologi MARA Sri Iskandar Perak (UiTM SI)

10. Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

Below are the Two UTAR teams that emerged as TOP TWO winners at the national level, and subsequently represented Malaysia at the international level competition:

Team: The Gesture

Video: https://youtu.be/gWCt-1y0gRg 

Team members: 
1. Chin Mann Yuin (Leader) 
2. Ng Tze Way 
3. Ow Kar Yong 
4. Jonathan See Yu Hoong 
5. Rachel Lee Thung Yan 

Team advisor: Ar Loh Khang Yong

Team: RE:Union Bliss on the Lotus Blossom

Video: https://youtu.be/wxtwoBYAPjs 

Team members: 
1. Lim Chen Hee (Leader) 
2. Anderson Ting Guo Shen 
3. Chong Zhen Hao 
4. Chor Zhao Gen 
5. Lau Chi Ying 

Team advisor: En. Abd Muluk Bin Abd Manan