UTAR COSA embraces a 12-points visions below:

1. Recognize and advance faculty expertise
2. Engage undergraduate and graduate students in experiential learning opportunities through service and research
3. Apply intellectual capacity of UTAR to the needs of the region
4. Market those capacities to the public and private sectors
5. Provide opportunities to integrate teaching, research and service
6. Encourage multidisciplinary collaboration
7. Facilitate the administration of externally supported projects
8. Attract significant external research income
9. Demonstrate the potential for attracting external support;
10. Provide services useful to the community.
11. Collaboration with research centers and universities locally and worldwide.
12. Demonstrate national leadership and international recognition for excellence.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the center is to research and develop sustainable solutions for the built environment with particular reference to the tropical conditions. The experience and results from the research will be documented to reinforce the teaching of architecture and train the next generation of architects with competency and awareness in sustainable design.